Different views

The president called for “overhaul” of the criminal justice system to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People during the annual conference in Philadelphia. In his words, in many places African Americans and Latinos are treated differently, and mass incarceration does not make America a better place to live.

Support for reform of the system of imposition and enforcement of penalties has become a rare theme of bipartisan agreement in the United States and the approval of the Democrats and Republicans, including presidential candidate Rand Paul. President and dvupatriyniyat alliance in Congress calling for the reduction or elimination of the fixed penalties for various drug offenses, citing the principle of justice. National Association of assistants Prosecutors in the federal states [2] However, clearly and categorically stated that such a change is not necessary.

Reforms undertaken against President Obama announced a number of public figures. In the tense atmosphere federal prosecutors are trying to unite the opposition against the reform in response to the actions of President Barack Obama pardons and exported speeches by pro-reform orientation. According to the Association Obama could threaten public safety if signed legislation allowing greater discretion to judges.

According to Steve Cook – Chairman of the Association, the federal criminal justice system does not need any change. The change in the law, according to Cook, will be a “huge mistake”. Cook states that the level of crime will increase if laws change in direction mitigation of penalties. He also can not accept the claim that offenders with low level of danger associated with the possession, distribution or use of drugs, are subjected to excessively harsh penalties.

Cook also said that the small number of prisoners whose sentences have been reduced, indicating that there is no problem in the justice system with unreasonable verdicts. According to him instead of reform is aimed at reducing the penalties should be paid attention to the number of prisons and to consider the idea of ​​building new ones.

While Molly Gill, an adviser to the government, said in reply to Steve Cook, that the crime rate will increase after the entry into force of the provisions repealing mandatory minimum term of imprisonment, as follows: “It is obvious that this statement is and untrue that statement is shameful tactics of intimidation. ” In Michigan, New York and other states after the repeal of mandatory minimum term of imprisonment not the level of crime has risen. Gill also challenges the assertion that the prevalence of drugs is inextricably linked with violence. He stressed that according to government statistics, only 16% of drug-related crimes in 2014 were committed with the use of weapons and in 142 of the total 20,757 cases of drug-related crimes committed in the same year, ie in less than 1% of the cases, there is the use of physical violence or threats.

Prosecutors and judges are not unanimous on the criminal justice reform. In June 2015 former prosecutors, judges and officials in the judiciary signed a letter asking Congress for more freedom on the court in individualizing the size and type of penalties. Retired Judge Paul Castle told “ABC News” in February that the lack of sufficient flexibility in the imposition of penalties still harassing. In practice it has imposed a penalty of 55 years imprisonment without parole young father Weldon Angelos, convicted of selling marijuana.