Reform of the system of sentencing in the United States is a major topic in recent months. Data from recent statistics for dramatically increasing number of prisoners are the main reason for awareness of the need for reform. At its heart is the proposal to change the law with the elimination of mandatory minimum sentence of imprisonment, which will reduce the cost of maintenance of prisoners, reduce the number of recidivists. Along with this comes the expansion of opportunities for socialization and effective treatment for substance abuse, education, job training and mental health care.

The second line of reform is political and involves actions of President Barack Obama to pardon the prisoners [1] as part of a broader campaign by the government to achieve social justice in the criminal justice system. US President released 46 federal prisoners whose crimes were not violent, 14 of which serving a life sentence. The president explained that the severity of their punishments with the public danger of the crimes committed. Since he became president, Obama has pardoned about 90 prisoners, most convicted of crimes, mostly drug-related and non-violent. In pardoning the legal validity of the verdict is not affected conviction engendered legal consequences. Legal adviser to the White House Egalstan Neil said in a statement it expected to the end of his mandate Obama to cancel the execution of penalties in more sentences and more prisoners pardoned. This in itself, however, will not be enough to fix acted in decades policy of imposing an excessive punishment, he said.

The next step, which took President Barack Obama’s visit to federal prison “El Reno” in Oklahoma on July 16, 2015, becoming the first serving US president to visit US custody. The purpose of this visit is to clarify the shortcomings and deficiencies of one of the most expensive systems penetentsiarni most overcrowded prisons in the world. By number of prisoners the US is far ahead of China and Russia. Statistics show that one quarter of all prisoners in the world are concentrated in American prisons, given that the US population is only 5% of the world. The total number of prisoners in the US – 2.2 million. People exceeds the total number of prisoners 35 European countries. “El Reno” is a mid-class prison, located in the central part of Oklahoma, includes 1,300 prisoners accused of violations of federal laws.